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About Me

My name is Michael Mathieu, I’m a senior at the University of Michigan studying Materials Science and Engineering, with a minor in Classical Civilization.  I know, quite the reach, right?  I also dabble in mineral resource and mineral economics studies, as well as all aspects of design, political theory, and small forays into psychology and philosophy.  I don’t pretend to be an expert by any means, but I know a few things about a few things, as I like to say.

About the Blog

The idea for Concrete Theory was developed from my blog for my SmartSurfaces Senior Design course.  I wanted to develop more formulated thoughts, and utilizing the course blog wasn’t having quite the effect I wanted it to.  I also would like to continue this blog after I graduate, which would have been strange if it was just a course blog.  Plus, I am not a huge fan of Blogger, even though it does allow vast amounts of layout customization compared to [free] WordPress.


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