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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Concrete Theory?

Concrete theory is an oxymoron.

Thanks, I needed that.  How about a definition?

Okay, let’s hit up our old friend Webster.

Concrete: a : characterized by or belonging to immediate experience of actual things or events b : specific, particular <a concrete proposal> c : real, tangible <concrete evidence>

Theory: abstract thought

So, Concrete Theory, when put together, is meant to be a tangible solidification of abstract thought.

That makes no sense!

Sure it does.  It just means that I’ll be putting thoughts to words.

Ok, I’ll trust you.  For now.

Good,  you do that.

Now, what is this all about?

Over my time in school, I have learned progressively more and more about various facets of the world around me.  I would like to share some of these experiences.  Some of my posts will be on abstract thought, some will be analysis of data, some will be ‘this is sweet, look at it’, some will just be outlets of emotion.  Over time, it will evolve itself.

So, what happens when you finish school?

I won’t stop learning, will I?

Hey, I’m supposed to be the one asking questions.

Yeah, well, you walked into that one.  You honestly thought that was a good question?

Touché.  Back to important things.  How are you organizing this place?

Well, my SmartSurfaces course blog had a post arc called ‘Concrete Theory’, which spun off to here.  I will be moving a couple of the Concrete Theory posts to here under the same monicker, and will be adding posts under a variety of monickers, which I will introduce as they come along.  I will add to this section as the blog evolves.



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