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My Little Black Sketchbook: Feet December 9, 2009

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I haven’t gotten very far in Keys to Drawing so far, but the first exercise is to draw my own feet, and so I have.

For basically never having drawn anything still-life in any real level of detail ever, I feel like this was a pretty good first crack at drawing a body part.  I probably spent too much time looking at the drawing and not enough at the feet, and I used my eraser some, which you aren’t supposed to do in the exercise.

This is getting me excited to take ArtDes 100 – Drawing for Non-Majors next semester.  Should be a great class.

My Little Black Sketchbook: Introduction November 29, 2009

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I bought myself a sketchbook today.

My Little Black Sketchbook

Which is good, because I have bought myself two drawing books over the past two days.

The Back of the Napkin – Dan Roam

Keys to Drawing – Bert Dodson

I will be going through both of these books.  I am currently reading The Back of the Napkin, and Keys to Drawing will be a sort of persistent thing throughout the end of this semester and through most off the next.  Expect a bunch of sketches.  Unfortunately, I am mostly using my 1.3MP iPhone camera instead of scanning or a real camera, so they may not look the best.  Eventually, I may upgrade my iPhone or figure out where my regular 6MP camera is.  Since I am currently traveling, iPhone it is.

I am also introducing a new Post Title Monicker: “My Little Black Sketchbook”, which is kind of self-explanatory.  Every one of these posts will have something to do with my sketchbook.