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My Little Black Sketchbook: My First SQVID November 29, 2009

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I have been reading The Back of the Napkin – aptly subtitled ‘Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures’.  It discusses visual thought and the utilization of napkin-sketches to get a point across.  At one point, the author talks about SQVID, his method for developing visualization skills.  It involves drawing ten separate drawings of an idea to help you develop the idea.  He includes an exercise in Chapter 6 to develop your first SQVID.  I have included mine below the jump, with explanations. I apologize if the images aren’t the best quality.  They were taken with my 1.3MP iPhone camera.

SQVID is an acronym that stands for:

Simple-Elaborate: A simple drawing vs a drawing that involves a step back.  Can be how zoomed in or how complex, depending.

Qualitative-Quantitative: Drawing for quality and characteristics vs drawing for quantity and statistics.

Vision-Execution: Drawing end product vs drawing how to get to end product.

Individual-Comparison: Drawing one method of doing things vs drawing multiple methods in a comparison.

Change-Status Quo: Drawing what things would be like if they were different vs drawing the current situation.  The D actually stands for Delta, hence the first word being change.  Isn’t that awesome?